GPS Land Surveyors is a third generation land surveying firm that was founded by the late Mr. P.G.D. Swart in 1953.

At GPS Land Surveyors we strive to provide exceptional land surveying, geomatics and mapping services to our clients in South Africa.

We pride ourselves in finding solutions for site specific problems by using our industry experience and alternative methods suitable for successful completion of the most complicated and challenging environments. With our expertise and operational strategies, we can complete an array of geospatial services in a time and cost-efficient manner, with deliverables that are designed to exceed the expectations of our clients.We are committed to providing a professional service at fair rates and all our business relationships are based on integrity and Christian values.

Our services include:

Cadastral Surveys

  • Township Establishment - General Plan approval and registration

  • Property Development - Real Estate Development Consulting

  • Subdivisions - Legal Cadastral Surveys

  • Consolidations - Diagrams and Notarial Tie Agreements

  • Servitudes - Servitude Certificates and Diagrams

  • Leases - Long-Term Lease Diagrams

  • Sectional Title Surveys - New and Amending Sectional Schemes

  • Consulting - Development Consulting

Legal Cadastral Boundary Surveys

  • Boundary Disputes - Dispute resolution

  • Beacon Relocations - Boundary beacon replacements

  • Cadastral Reconstructions

  • ID Certificates

  • Sketch Plans

  • Site Development Plans - SDP

  • As-built Surveys

  • Sectional Plans

  • Block Plans

  • Exclusive Use Areas

  • Sectional Title Participation Quotas (PQ)

  • New Sectional Schemes

  • Amending Sectional Plans

Sectional Title - 3D Model

Sectional Titles Explained

Topographical Surveys

  • Ground Control Surveys and Benchmarks

  • Topographical Site / Strip Surveys

  • Contour Generation

  • DTM - Triagulation - Digital Terrain Models

  • DSM - Triagulation - Digital Surface Models

  • 3D Point Clouds

  • 3D Meash Models

  • BIM - Building Information Modelling

Engineering Surveys

  • Control and Benchmark Surveys

  • Setting out

  • Construction Surveys

  • As-built Surveys

  • Building Plans

Aerial Photogrammetry and Photography

  • Flight Planning

  • Field operation, Post Flight Services and Data Processing

  • Georectified Orthophotos

  • Line mapping

  • Boundary verification analysis

  • Feature Mapping

LiDAR Drone Surveys

  • Flight Operations

  • Data Processing

  • 3D Point Cloud LAS and LAZ

  • Digital Twin Technology

  • Shareable Web-based results

  • Superior Accuracy and Speed

Lidar - Data Set

Underground Utility Surveys

  • Underground Utility Detection

  • On-Site Utility Demarcation

  • Cross Cuts

  • Water Supply, Storm Water, Sewer Services

  • Electricity and Telecom, Gas, Optic Fibre

Volumetric Surveys

  • 3D Volume Surveys

  • Volume Calculations

  • Cut and Fill Reports

  • Stockpile Reports

  • Excavation Quantity Reports

Volume - New Ark Mine - Balitto

Cadastral and Engineering Draughting Services

  • Township Calculations and Draugting

  • General Plan Draugting

  • Contour Plans

  • Cadastral Diagrams

  • Mapping

  • Volume Reports

About Us

We are Registered with:

SAGI - South African Geomatics Institute

SAGI is a Public Benefit Organisation focusing on the business aspects of registered experts in the fields of Land Surveying, Engineering Surveying, GISc, Planning, Land Management, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing – commonly now termed Geomatics. SAGI members are experts in the fields of land surveying, engineering surveying, planning, photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographical information system (GIS) and land management.

SAGC - South African Geomatics Council

- previously known as South African Council for Professional and Technical Surveyors - PLATO. SAGC means the South African Geomatics Council established in terms of the Geomatics Profession Act 19 of 2013, or such agent acting on its behalf.

SACAA - South African Civil Aviation Authority

The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) is a Schedule 3A public entity in terms of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA).

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